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Vet just called and said that his breathing has improved and they are going to try to start weaning him off of oxygen today and as long as he does ok as they wean him off the oxygen that we should be able to hopefully pick him up today or tonight. She said if he starts going downhill again he might need to stay another night but he seems very bright eyed and sweet and she expects him to do good. Oh our hearts needed this good news so badly. Thank you to the person that sent $100 towards his bill. It means so much. Our SMR Family has always been there and I just want each of you to know how much your amazing prayers and support mean to us.

I'm going to speak from the heart right now. I feel like we have been spiritually attacked lately. Before this even happened yesterday I was praying and reading Bible scriptures. I told God I feel like Job with all of the losses and financial stress. Then this happened and I kinda lost it emotionally. Tim had to tell me to pull myself together for the kids and so we could go to the vet. Yes I was crying but I was crying out to God. Begging him pleading and speaking scripture of His promises and His Word. I told God I'll trust Him if it's His will but I also believe He told us if we had faith we could move mountains. I told him I have faith but I don't know how and what to do to move the mountain but if he will guide me I'll certainly TRY. I kept imagining Gods light coming up and down from earth and heavens and going into Sebastian. I know God helped little man Sebastian last night and I'm so thankful for my sweet husband through his pain reaching out to each of you for prayers and healing energy. I don't know why we are being attacked spiritually but it's only pulling us closer to God. I will say no matter what if we are like Job going through testing and trials I pray God will help us to continue to look towards the heavens and TRUST HIM. I try not to get all religious on everyone but this morning after talking to the vet I just want to publicly say THANK YOU GOD. THANK YOU FOR LOVING US ALL SO MUCH.

I feel led to to say since I feel spiritually attacked lately that there are so many spirits NOT of God who's sole objective is to pull us away from God. That's it. To distract us, keep up busy, to keep us depressed or fearful, anxious and anxiety ridden, worthless, hurting, angry, gluttony, tiredness , unforgiving, pain and sickness, and so much more. I thought maybe if your like me and feel attacked by these spirits put in the comments which spirits you need out of your life. They will not just go away because we ask them. We have to command them in the name of Jesus our creator, Lord and Savior to leave us and our family and friends alone and not to return. Through belief and Jesus being in our hearts they have to leave. We need to look at them as people and if there was someone visible IN YOUR HOME how hard would you fight to get them out? Well they are in our lives and home tormenting us and they need to leave. NOW in the Name of Jesus. Just like I prayed last night if you feel like this is to big of a mountain for you ask God to help you move it, to show you how to move it. How to get rid of those tormenting spirits keeping a wedge between us and God.

If you need prayer for this please comment below. If there are specific spirits you need to leave you comment that if you want and we will pray specifically for you. We love each of you and pray God will be with you all.


Ms.Lisa Garlie
Tina Treish
26 août 2023

Prayers for my SMR family heart, mind and soul to be at Peace! As a family we’ve been through difficult times of loss this past year! We Grieve so greatly because we Love so Greatly! Faith keeps us moving forward and we are all invested in the success of our family that is led by Tim and Heather❤️ Their pain is felt so strongly because we are all connected and invested . Faith is challenged everyday in our lives and we must continue to believe in our hearts that God’s will is the best way even if we don’t understand! God is good. I have faith in Allah (God) as I’ve needed it since 2022 greatly to help me from going to dark places. Let’s keep each other from going to the dark places mentally, physically or emotionally ❤️ Prayers for Tim and Heather strength and courage to overcome the obstacles and sweet Sebastian to heal and recover ❤️❤️



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