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Hey everyone. I had written something earlier and my app messed up and deleted what I was saying...but wanted to update you all. I was on the live the other night, I just stayed quiet and loved seeing the babies. I had been sharing with my husband about SMR and how I had to be home in time to be watching the lives and once he saw Tison, he fell in love with him and I mentioned the air bnb and we talked about "one of these days" maybe trying to go to visit (we live in California) and he said he wanted to give Tison a hug. My husband is still unresponsive and I'm heartbroken, I don't know what to do, I pray for a good outcome. I'm trying to give my husband time to heal and pull through. There are so many people praying for him and I cannot be thankful enough for the support. I'm on a field trip with our son, this was planned weeks ago and I didn't want to take that away and tell Caleb he can't go so here we are. I want some "normalcy" for him and wanted a happy day for him. Maybe it's not the right thing to do but I had to think about Caleb and give him something to keep him distracted. I am taking things minute by minute every day. Please continue to pray for us and I love you all. I'll update when I can.

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Cher Silvia
Nov 09, 2023




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