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So i decided I'm going too try diet that would challenge I kinda need watch what eat no I have exercise bike than me working out at horsepower last Saturday I got exercise bike out and workout for 33 mins and 62 seconds weight

My I was 191.6 and if just 20lbs start eat healthy and stop eating junk food eat healthy

  • Gillian Mobley

    Well, almost 1 week from the last time # 186.2 today....... boy slow ain't the word LOL

  • AH

    Well, just thought i'd check in here last time. I was here was about 2 weeks ago and I weighed 189.6 and today,187.2 I know it's not a lot in 2 weeks, but at least the numbers are going in the right direction. LOL hope everybody's having a good day, and ill check in again soon.

  • Carleen Normand

    Hi everybody

    I have really never had a weight problem until 6 years ago. When I got diagnosed with breast cancer and put on a medication where I gained weight almost 70 pounds. Then about a month ago I got diagnosed as pre diabetic. Put on a medication that also causes weight loss. So 6 weeks ago when I started. I weighed 200.2 pounds. Went in for a check up today, and weighted in at 189.6. will see where this goes.... and Good luck all my SMR friends. And let's think positive.

  • Whitney Gordon
    Lorraine Anne

    I have not had weight surgery I was going to but then all of a sudden I started to lose weight so I just kept going on what I was doing I'm a nurse I worked in the hospital for 37 years I taught diabetic teaching I put myself on that diet and my son put him on that diet now he was over 300 pounds and now he's well oh that's like he just had surgery and they wait him before surgery he's 210 lb now me when I started I was 280 lb I weighed myself recently and I now weigh I am now down to 182 lb and I'm just going to keep going until I get where I want to be it's an easy diet we cut all our diabetic people to diet and it's very easy it sounds funny because you eat a lot but…

  • Y
    Debbie Moretti


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