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Well since I just joined back I used to be 280lbs year and I was feeling horrible, so I went to the doc and said let's do something so we did. He sent me to the diabetes center at the hospital and they suggested Ozempic.

Even though it's not for everyone it worked for me and within a year of teetering with the doses I've managed to get down to 130.2 lbs and staying there quite nicely.

I have been walking and working at helping cleaning up my mom's house and yard so we can sell it and move her into town as she has Alzheimers.

Heather Martin

I'm 70....(geezzz that sounds old) I'm at 2 mg, Actually, I just went up to point to this week. So we'll see but I agree with you. Slow and steady, I just have to have patience. Thank you for getting back to know somebody else That's on it where you can kind of talk with and compare.



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