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4/14 Update from Ignacia

Good Evening my friends, Ignacia here,

Well it’s that time again for the treat drive. Dad redid the way you order treats to make it easier to sort the treats out for each horse. We sure you all like it better and that it is a lot easier on Dad. He tries so hard to take care of us horses and I know he loves us, mom and the 2 legged kids.

Mom talked to the vet today about Contessa and sent them videos and pictures. The vet agreed with mom & Dad that the pregnancy was probably missed on the first ultrasound. That means that contessa would have been due around 3/20 like Surena. Contessa was two weeks late when she had Sundance. They say boy horses take longer to bake(be born) than girls. Maybe that means Contessa is having a boy, but we shall see very soon! She was dripping milk last and she’s been acting funny for a couple days.

If you haven’t joined the foaling camera subscription let me tell you what your missing. There are two cameras on all 3 foaling stalls. You get to see baby Aries run and play 24/7 and soon you will get to see Contessa & Gitana’s babies.

Soon we will have 9 more cameras covering the other horses once we have enough cameras to cover them all. Then we plan to put up cameras on the pasture and riding area!

Sorry this is so late tonight. Tammy, Mom and Dad had company stop by to see baby Aries and Mom got off work late to be able to help me write this. Mom said they will try to go live by 8:30 or earlier if possible. Thank you so much for all the hugs and treat you give us babies. They are very much appreciated. Love y’all and we will see you soon!

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Perfecto - Monica P

Tatanka -

Diosa - Ashley L

Sundance - Shelly B

Contessa -

Surena -

Gitana -

Tison - Andrew T

Directa - Rebecca W.


Isadora - Connie D

Sugar - Carol E

Draco - Vicki N

Mia - Jessica S

Rosa - Tina M

Tia - Daria D


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