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4/21 Update from Mia

What’s up my good buddies? Mia here! Yep the wild child herself. I know I’m not as wild as I used to be but I’m still just as cray cray. I’ve passed the wild part down to my half sister Rosa. We have the same dad. His name is Valdez. He is one handsome dude. Hopefully soon I will have more half siblings here at the barn. All I ever hear anymore is how we are STILL waiting on Contessa and Gitana to have their babies. I hope they are born soon. Mom and Dad have been grouchy lately because they wake up to alarms every hour or two ALL night long checking for babies. I know they would sure appreciate a solid nights sleep. I heard a bunch of other people are watching for their babies too and I know they have to be tired as well.

I always sleep good. Me and my full brother Perfecto were the only ones that slept thru that thunderstorm this morning. I think we get that from both of our moms. Their names are Directa and Heather. They both can sleep thru anything as well. Well enough about sleep unless you want to take a nap now before the treat drive tonight at 8pm central time. What is a treat drive you say? It is where you can go on the ranch’s website and buy treats, hugs and bows for / from us horses. All of the money goes towards helping mom and dad to take care of us horses. We have to eat you know. Dad says we can’t live off of JUST treats even though several of us have asked too. He always says no. He said we need vitamins and minerals and blah blah blah. I’ve heard him say the treats have that stuff in them too so I think he is being silly. That or Draco paid him to say that so he could have all of the treats to himself. Draco is my best friend So I just deal with it.

Draco told me that Tatanka and Tison are coming home Monday. I know alllll of us are so glad they are coming home! I bet he is even better looking after boot camp. I can’t imagine how many muscles he has now. 🤤 Sorry about that, I kinda got sidetracked talking about Tatanka.

Mom said the barn raising fund is still around the same place it was last Thursday just over the $2500 goal. Mom said she will check again and give an update tonight. They had to use some of the money to build my mom a stall and make Contessa’s stall bigger but a lovely person has pledged to fund that money that was borrowed.

Moms last day working full time is tomorrow and she will be taking over what Elizabeth was doing in the barn. She will also be spending more time preparing us horses for horse shows, riding/training us as well as helping dad build the barn. I know she is excited yet a little scared. She has always wanted to work with us horses but never had the time. Now we will get to see her more every day as well as spend more time with all of you!

I will send you the link to the treat drive.WUs horses thank you in advance for the treats and hugs. (Since people have asked about the free treats, they will be open again next Tuesday)

Good vibes and wishes,


Foaling stall Link

Treats, hugs & bows Link

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