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7/26 Treat drive with Sugar

Hello everyone, Sugar here. Guess what today is?!? Today is Gitana’s Birthday! I can’t believe her birthday landed on a day of a treat drive! She is so lucky. Today is also a day when there are free treats as well! In order to get one free treat you have to put promo code FT726 in on our website when you check out.

I heard Mom and Dad saying today that they think I am a good therapy horse. I try to be good when people ride me and I just love when people pet and brush me. It feels soooo good. What I love best are treats and hugs. I didn’t quite understand when dad was telling me to bow but I’m willing to try again if anyone wants me too. When we went to the horse show I let Hope ride me and we got FIRST PLACE! Hope also got high points in her division as well. Dad and I got a 4th place ribbon. Then hope also got another 1st place on Diosa. Dad and Diosa got 4th again during their class. Mom wasn’t feeling good so she didn’t ride Ignacia. Mom was going to ride Mia but Mia was acting really silly. So mom ended up not showing Mia. She did ride her a lot while there. She is just a young squirt so she is still kinda hard headed.

I have all kinds of news for y’all! Guess who came to see all of us today?? Bryson and his twin brother Brent, his mom Melinda and dad Brent Sr. came all the way from Florida to meet all of their SMR family. I let Bryson ride on my back. I was a little confused at first because Bryson rides a little bit different. He was unable to hold both of the reins at the same time very easily and one of his legs are stronger than the other one. Once I figured this out though we had a great time riding up and down the hallway. Towards the end I think he was even using both hands to hold the reins. He is a great rider and very nice. I liked him a lot. He gave us all treats too! Mom and Dad said that Bryson has loved us horses for a long time. He even remembers Perfecto being born! Bryson has a bearded lizard and mom really enjoys watching him feed and take care of it. It was really sad to see them leave. They signed our new guest book and we got lots of pictures.  They also said they would try to come see me again sometime in the future. I can’t wait because they seemed very nice. Maybe I will make a good therapy horse one day. Hmmm I’ll have to think on that.

Well I better get off here because I just can’t wait to show you my pictures and don’t forget about Gitana’s birthday and the treat drive tonight at 8 pm!

See you soon



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