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9/6 Updates with Tatanka

Hello everyone, Tatanka here. Some people call me Fabio. I don’t know why? I wanted to give an update and let y’all know that tonight is the treat drive. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TIMES OF THE WEEK!!! I really need them after last night. I think I lost 500 pounds the way mom was working me in the arena. She said I was bad. I was just trying to play with her the way I do other horses. She said I couldn’t bite and I needed manners. I think I’m nice already but what do I know. When she ask me to hug her and to bow I always do what she asks. She gives me a treat when I do good. I would rather eat those treats than my food. They taste so good! I’ll do just about anything for them. I hope I get lots of treats, hugs and bows tonight to show you how good I am. I’ll bow for anyone that wants me too. It’s easy for me because I’m super muscular.

My neighbor Tia got her front feet trimmed yesterday. I watched while dad, mom and Dottie worked on helping her hold her feet up. I could tell it hurt her but the vet said it should make her feel a lot better and would take leverage off her toe. I sure hope she feels better soon because she seems kinda grouchy towards me and I don’t understand because I like her.

Mom and Dad were able to put money down on the PEMF machine today. They still need to raise more money but it’s a start. The fees on some of the PayPal transactions took part of the money so it wasn’t exactly as much as the chart says but close. Mom and seem really excited about getting it ordered. Mom told me she would even let me use it. She said Sonya told them that it was really good for stallions and mares that are about to be bred. It detoxes the sperm and eggs to make for a healthier breeding. Mom said I’m not ready to breed yet. I disagree. Just give me one chance and I’ll show her I’m ready. I almost got to show her when that pretty blond thing went in to heat last month. Almost. I just needed that door to be about a foot lower. Ugggh. Oh well. I’m just glad I didn’t mess up my man parts. That would have been even more embarrassing. It was already bad enough I got stuck and had to watch her beautiful self all morning!  I think we bonded that night. She sure is pretty! Well I guess I better get off here so y’all have time to order me all my bows. Perfecto bows pretty good but I’ll show y’all tonight who is the best at bows. Besides I want to show off all of my muscles.  Mom and dad have to go to two different places to get us food in town but they hope to start the live as close to 6:30-7 as they possible can. Use the code 906Tanka for one free treat so that everyone that can’t afford it is able to give their favorite horse a treat.  See y’all tonight for both the treat drive and the daily drawing!

Love Tanka 🐴


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