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9/8 Updates with Perfecto

Well well well Perfecto here. I heard that Tatanka was saying he could bow better than me Tuesday. Well I showed him. He had me so upset with all his talk, I got in trouble with dad because I reared up in front of him. I was just trying to show Tanka all of MY muscles. He thinks he has big muscles? I have bigger muscles than him AND I think I bowed better than he did! Dad said Tison was better than both of us. ((Snort)) If he was, it’s only because he goes out in the big pasture and runs around every day. Lucky him. I can’t imagine getting to hang out with ALL of the ladies every day. Dad says he could make it so I could, but I wouldn’t like the consequences. Then he made a gesture with his fingers like he was cutting something. I don’t think I want to know what that means. I have been jumping up trying to see that pretty girl in the stall next to me. Not my baby sister Ella, but her Mom Gitana. She sure is a pretty thing. Dad said if I’m good maybe one day when I’m older she and I can hang out together. I would like that. Until then I’ll just watch her when I can.

Mom said that the PEMF machine is on its way and the fundraiser is still going on to help raise the rest of the machine cost. I can’t wait to see how much it helps our patriarch Tia. Mom wants to use it on herself too and she has been reading about the possibility of it helping dad as well. From what she has learned and read this machine can help repair nerve damage. For those that don’t know my dad has really bad Optic Nerve damage or optic neuropathy. He does very well but mom said she went down a rabbit hole today to see if it’s possible to help him since he has a pacemaker. Well low and behold, she found studies that say that PEMF does not interfere with the newer bipolar pacemakers. Well guess what? Dad just had his pacemaker changed and upgraded about 8 months ago and I think the one he has is one that is listed as safe. So mom and dad plan to talk to dads heart doctor to see if it is ok to try to help his vision. PEMF also helps with Glaucoma and lots of other vision problems. Please pray for my dad that this can help him and others with vision issues. If dads vision is corrected too much, he might think we are all not as good looking as he tells us we are. Just kidding. I know he loves us regardless of our looks. Well please request all of us treats but don’t forget the bows because I want to prove again that I am better than Tanka and Tison and even Rosa. I heard she was good too. Can’t have a girl beating me at my bow. Especially my own sister! I was the first one to learn to bow on command and my full sister Mia learned next to bow without a treat between her legs.  Shows how smart we are. Right?!? Well I’m all pumped up and ready to show all of them tonight that I’m the best at bows. I asked Mom and Dad to try to go live earlier tonight so we have extra time and that EVERYONE will be there for the big show out. That is if you want to see me win. Dad left to get the kids from school and mom helped me write the story. Hope is cleaning in the barn and all of the horses including the babies are in the pasture together except forTia,  Tatanka and myself. He has been giving me the stank eye since night before last. I think he knows I did better than him after he did that bragging. We will get another chance tonight around 7-7:30. You don’t want to miss this. It should be good.

You can purchase treats hugs and bows on our website at

Love y’all bunches,

Handsome Perfecto AKA Elvis Lips


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