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Treats with Ignacia

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Ignacia here and man I have a lot to say. I have had to ride everyday to get ready for the show coming up next week. Dad has been riding me and he said I am doing really good. Him and mom decided that dad will ride me in the show at the Illinois State Fair. We will be showing August 18th through 20th. Today Leah is here doing Magna Wave on Tia and Diosa. Dad said I might can have it but it will depend on the cost. I like that machine though, it really helps my bones. Tonight is the treat drive and I can not wait. I love treats, hugs and bows. It really makes me happy to get treats. Dad said today that Diosa, Mia, Sugar and I have to stay in until show time. I like going out but as long as I get ridden each day, I am ok with it. Today dad and mom said they are really proud of all of us horses. If you want to get treats, please get them at We will be starting the treat drive tonight at 7:45. Please get your treats early tonight so we can get started earlier for those on the east coast and out of country. We also have a surprise, we are going live while Leah is here doing the magna waves. We hope you all are having a great day. Much Love,



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